Bass Boat Saver vs Black Label... What is the difference?

Bass Boat Saver vs Black Label... What is the difference?

Bass Boat Saver Original and Bass Boat Saver Black Label are the ultimate one two punch to completely protect every surface on your boat, motor, trailer and tow vehicle.

Here is the difference:

Bass Boat Saver Original Formula is an easy spray on application, that cleans, preserves, and UV protects your boat. With fast-acting ingredients, Bass Boat Saver delivers a long-lasting and durable finish. After coming off of the water, apply Bass Boat Saver with a microfiber cloth to the boat, motor, and trailer, as well as the seats, console, trailer, and tires.

BBS Original Formula has a high level of surfactants to remove anything that touches your boat, such as sediment, hard water stains, scum lines, road grime, bugs and other impediments. This formula is specifically designed to be used at the ramp right after you pull your boat out of the water.

Bass Boat Saver Black Label is an advanced hydro based ceramic detail spray that delivers the ultimate shine and protection. Our ceramic technology targets micro imperfections to streamline your boats finish and make it more resistant to hard water, scum, grime, and other sediments. Continued use of Black Label will make your boat easier to clean in the future, saving you time and money. This formulation responds well to machine polishing if you are looking to create a perfect "mirror-like" finish. 

Overall, if you have water spots, dirt and scum on your boat, motor, and trailer, for best results clean your boat with Bass Boat Saver original before applying Black Label Ceramic Shield. These two formulas work extremely well together and help create that ultimate detailed finish on any surface.


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